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As part of Torbay’s Great Place Scheme, we are creating a new, Torbay-wide, strategic approach to culture-led programming. It aims to amplify and grow Torbay's cultural assets in the town centres and across the UNESCO Global Geopark landscape. The programme is called Eyeview and it will light up 2019 and beyond with cultural projects, events and happenings, working with artists and our communities to offer fresh perspectives on the places and spaces that make Torbay unique. We have opened a hub in an empty shop on Winner Street, Paignton to give a base for new conversations, community actions and creative events.

Download the pocket guide to Wavelength, coming to Torquay, 8th-10th November 2019.

Download the pocket guide to (extra)ordinary, which took place 7th-16th June 2019.

For full details, visit www.eye-view.org.uk.


We’re seeking to make Torbay even more attractive to residents, visitors and businesses.  We wish to develop our reputation for innovative, community-driven arts and heritage in unusual places and spaces and help our cultural venues to thrive. Ultimately, we want to be on the map as a great cultural centre and creative coast. 

We need to grow and widen audiences for arts and heritage, increasing participation to help residents feel connected to and proud of this place and sharing with visitors our sense of what makes Torbay unique. We’re working to build our reputation for excellent arts and culture programming and make it easily accessible, tackling the gap between our fairly culturally-engaged visitors and less-engaged residents. Our significant older population and relatively high proportion of disabled residents means ensuring suitable physical access is also a key issue whilst we must not ignore Torbay’s many young people. We must support and empower our communities to encourage greater local involvement. Our relative lack of ethnic diversity amongst residents and visitors makes it important to ensure an especially diverse range of arts and culture practitioners in creative programming. Culture can be Torbay’s window on the world.

We also need to get much better at celebrating and commercialising all our cultural assets, with a mass exploration of our built, natural and intangible heritage. We must work with and develop local talent, local venues and partners, as well as introducing external sources of expertise and advice so that our stronger cultural programme, Eyeview, leads to a stronger, more resilient cultural sector and can become sustainable through ticket sales, grant income and fundraising.


The task is to put Torbay on the map as a creative centre and connect residents to the 22 miles of UNESCO Global Geopark coastline and the place where they live, by:

  • Leading the development, curation and delivery of a bay-wide, year-round cultural programme to engage local people and attract new visitors in, becoming sustainable beyond the duration of the Great Place Scheme

  • Working closely with Torbay’s arts and culture practitioners, organisations and infrastructure to build strong, lasting relationships

  • Commissioning a range of new, high quality, game-changing work from practitioners, organisations and venues that have a local, national or international reputation, as well as from local emerging practitioners

  • Engaging with ‘popular culture’ events to animate existing product with high quality arts and culture experiences and engage new audiences.


Through Eyeview, we will:

  • Raise aspirations for culture in Torbay and challenge local perceptions of place and identity, bringing arts to people’s everyday lives especially to those who think culture is “not for them”

  • Re-engage people with the towns centres and re-connect residents and visitors to the coast

  • Reveal and celebrate what makes Torbay unique, developing a sense of pride among residents

  • Develop Torbay’s reputation as a cultural destination and a centre for world-class participatory arts, attracting new tourists to the area

  • Integrate and enhance Torbay’s existing cultural offer, building a sense of cohesion across the sector locally, empowering new relationships with practitioners from outside the local area, and helping to establish emerging local artists – leading to a more resilient cultural sector

  • Realise the ambition and potential of Torbay’s cultural assets, including venues, festivals, landscape and the intangible heritage.

Watch our short film about the impact of Eyeview (extra)ordinary:


Torbay Culture has commissioned Nathalie Palin and Ginkgo Projects as the Creative Directors of Eyeview. If you would like to get in touch with them, their contact details are here.

Eyeview is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund, as part of Torbay's Great Place Scheme.


The outline timescales for this project are:

December 2017 - February 2018: Appointment of Creative Direction (complete)
March 2018 - December 2018: Research and development (complete)
January 2019 - March 2020: Commissioning and delivery (underway)
April - September 2020: Evaluation

Full details about commissioning and events is available on the Eyeview website.

Image: Marcus Kesselor

“It’s adventurous, innovative, it’s fresh… it feels young. It makes me think that we are beginning to grow and develop… something more than just a sleepy seaside town.”

- Eyeview audience member
“It was a truly great and novel experience, so very different from anything I have ever seen.”

– Eyeview audience member
“Multi-sensory, genre-hopping, participative and provocative, The Tale is part of an Arts Council-backed project to put Torbay on the map.”

– The Guardian